Groundbreaking Food Gardens 

73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden

by Niki Jabbour

For those with small container gardens to those with larger spaces, this book will inspire gardeners all across the gardening spectrum. Each of the 73 plans provide wonderful commentary on the gardens and the gardener’s impetus–loving figs, for example–GroundbreakingFoodGardensto create their own unique garden. The book is laid out very well with various graphics  showcasing the design and style of each garden. There is a sidebar of major points such as “A central flower bed provides food for beneficials and pollinators, as well as blooms for bouquets.” In addition to the garden design graphic, the gardener’s favorite varieties or plants used are included in a listing next to the plan. The appendix includes:

  • Plant List include common and Latin name. These are broken out by edible, ornamental and green manure crops.
  • Index is substantial with graphic pages noted: charts in bold lettering and illustrations in italics.

I’ve already seen quite a few things I want to try to incorporate in my havenstead such as  the compost tea tower (what an awesome idea by author and blogger, Emma Cooper)!

In addition to providing wonderful information in this book, a section on “About the Contributors” in the front of the book makes it easy to check out more books or blogs from those contributors that resonate with you and your garden ideas.

Whether a beginning gardening or a long time pro, I believe you will find something in Groundbreaking Food Gardens that will pique your interest.

Highly Recommend

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