“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler;

solitude will not be solitude,

poverty will not be poverty,

nor weakness weakness.”

Henry David Thoreau


Life is hard. With all the new fangled gadgets and things meant to give us more time, why does it seem that we have less time? In a paperless society, why do I find myself dealing with so much paper? The list of questions goes on. Here’s where it gets easy. How do you actually make something simple? If its clutter that bothers you, remove the clutter. If its feeling “I need to,” then get rid of that nagging “need.” Go back to the root of what is causing the angst. It’s the cause not the symptoms that often make things turn into duty, necessity or tear away hours from our day. Give it away. Don’t do it. Move it. Change it. Embrace it. Ignore it. Begin to move towards living your life the way you would live it if you had all the time and money in the world. Simplify. It’s that simple.


What energizes you? Focus on that. I love to travel. I enjoy going to different countries experiencing the culture and meeting new people. It has given me a better appreciation of what I have and made me cognizant of things I should change for the better. Unfortunately, my travel budget isn’t big enough to allow me to go where I want, when I want. So I have to figure out what’s important and then focus on how to achieve my goals. For me, it’s taking funds that go for other things and instead spending them on things I want—like travel. To do this I make my own household cleaning products (laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, etc.), personal products (toothpaste, mouthwash, creams, shampoo, etc.), and natural health products (tinctures, tonics, salves and syrups). Over time this adds up to quite a bit of money I can spend on something I love or want versus something I need. It’s super easy and costs pennies compared to dollars. Plus, another benefit is that you are not supporting a huge corporation that may not be in line with your personal values. Pick something that energizes you. Set a goal. Figure out how to get there. Save money. Save time. Earn much more!


Many people live in the suburbs. If you divide up the three areas, urban, suburban, and rural, the suburbs often win when it comes to population. Often suburbs are found surrounding a large city. At one point the city that you live in may have been simply a suburb until it officially formed as a city. I used to live in Universal City, Texas, basically what some might call a suburb of the large city of San Antonio. Urban areas in large cities such as New York and other metropolises will often find apartment dwellers in large numbers. The rural life often beckons with its dream of a simpler life on open prairies or surrounded by forest and mountains. While I often think of living my life in both the city and the country, the fact is I live in a suburb. I need a piece of earth I can sink my hands into but not property so big that I have to buy a tractor and hire farmhands or can’t leave for a couple weeks to travel. This is my simple solution—being a Suburban Homesteader. If you live in the suburbs the information supplied will be most helpful to you though others may glean some knowledge as well. Wherever you live, Live to the fullest.


Homesteader—that word holds so much meaning to it. However, most of the time the term, homesteader, relates to a person creating a farm within a city area. What Havensteader seeks to convey is the permaculture principle of the joining of the interior and exterior life. How do we make our homestead our havenstead? How can you create islands of sanctuary through your home and yard? How can you build up a place that holds you steady while the storms of life seek to overpower you and your family? In permaculture, I consider the very first zone, zone 0. That is you. You can put in tons of work adding in garden beds, raising chickens, making soap, preserving food, but if it doesn’t make you happy, if you aren’t happy, it is for naught. You have to ask the question “are you, and do you really want to be, a homesteader? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe later, maybe never! If nothing else, just learning how to care for yourself and your family during winter storms and power outages is a good thing. Some people may choose to be a homesteader, but anyone can be a Havensteader. It begins with creating a sanctuary for your soul.

Simple Solutions for the Homesteader. Want to learn more? SUBSCRIBE to the Havensteader blog. Are you a homesteader who has a blog or would like to be a guest writer? I welcome guest writers and.will certainly add your blog or website as well as your byline and contact information, However there is no payment for submissions. Please contact me for more information.

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