Musings of a Havensteader

Okay, so most times you will find my blog revolves around #simplesolutions to creating a havenstead. I’ll share about permaculture ethics and  its guiding principles. I’ll give you some info on herbs–growing, saving, using. And you’ll often find tips or ideas to creating your own havenstead. And then other times you’ll find me day-dreaming on paper or at least our 21st facsimile of it.  This is one of those times.

Maybe its spring fever. Maybe it’s because I love to travel. Either way I woke up thinking what it would be like to simply hit the road and leave the standard life goodbye. I wouldn’t miss the house so much. Or the never-ending list of chores to be done. I might miss the “girls” but would find them a good home to spend their days pecking the ground or crazily flapping their wings and squawking over imaginary predators. No, that’s not what I’d miss.

Strangely enough–and you’ve probably already guessed it. I’d miss my garden. There’s just something about digging in the dirt and eating something you’ve grown from a seed smaller than your fingernail. But I realized even if I had a small camper I could have a garden. I’d simply add on one of those carrier racks, put in some shelves, add containers of various sizes and cover it all with plexi-glass. My own mini-greenhouse to go.

So you see when it comes down to it, you and you alone hold the key to your havenstead. If you live in an apartment, a camper trailer or a home in the suburbs makes no difference, you and I are the ones to create our own unique haven. For me, a haven has to have things growing. Inside my house, I have quite a few plants but I’m wanting to add more. Plants and growing things speak to me. What speaks to you? What draws you? What will you do today to create that sanctuary that whispers, “haven.”

Life isn’t at the point where I can pick up and head off to the open road. This summer maybe I’ll pare it down and take a jaunt like it. Maybe it will quench this thirst or maybe it will only serve to inspire me to drink deeply and seek out a different glass to fill in days ahead. Whatever adventure awaits, it will include a garden.

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